Building Movement Project, Consultant, 2013-Present
Building Movement Project works redefine the future of nonprofit leadership by working across race, age, and other identities, engages in systems change work that aligns organizational principles and practices by engaging constituents in changing the systems that impact their lives, and movement building to harness nonprofit’s capacity to collaborate and organize for social change.

Inform Strategy: consultants in BMP’s state strategy, and document lessons-learned to inform collective strategizing about the future direction for BMP’s work in New Mexico.

Advisory Committee: Maintain relationship with Advisory Committee members, facilitate committee meetings and calls, set meeting agendas, and plan meeting logistics.

Support BMP’s Research Agenda: Lead marketing communications efforts to promote surveys and other data collection efforts related to the state’s nonprofit workforce (particularly low-wage workers and people of color), and conduct focus groups and interviews with nonprofit leaders as needed to gather qualitative insights to bolster findings from data. 

Webinars/Blog Posts

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Additional Blogs/Writings

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A selection of Film/Video, Radio and Photography work:

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