Alicia Lueras Maldonado is a photographer, producer, filmmaker and actor. She is a Native New Mexican, born and raised in the community of Atrisco, with roots in Carizzozo, Tahique, México and España. Alicia holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in Communication & Journalism and Spanish from the University of New Mexico, with concentrations in photography, film, literature and dance.

She helps individuals and organizations design creative strategies for their work, shoots photographs & video, and produces and directs radio, theatre and other live shows. As the Founder & Chief Executive Officer, she brings over 15 years of organizing, management, and consulting experience.

Clients/Collaborators include, Encuentro, Las Meganenas, New Mexico Strategic Leadership Institute, Center for Civic Policy, Native American Community Academy, El Otro Lado Project, South Valley Academy, elgritonm.org, Drug Policy Alliance, Heart Gallery of New Mexico Foundation, CVNM – Conservation Voters New Mexico, Eli Il Yong Lee, SWOP – SouthWest Organizing Project, Enlace Comunitario, Holguin Consulting, and more.

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